Hansel Reynoso

Hansel Reynoso


Project Info

  • Created By Hansel Reynoso
  • Instructor Gusteau Duclos
  • Date 02/21/24

Project Description

This project involves the development of a basic stock analysis program using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to web-scrape stock data from Yahoo Finance, compile it into a CSV file, and visualize it through dynamic graphs. As a full-stack developer, I leveraged my skills in data handling, OOP, and data visualization to create an interactive tool that imports and processes financial data, facilitating the analysis of stock market trends. The program features a robust debugging and problem-solving component, addressing challenges such as data importation and graph population. This not only showcases my technical prowess in managing complex data and creating user-friendly visualizations but also deepens my understanding of financial markets, making it a valuable asset for finance-related software development.