Hansel Reynoso

Hansel Reynoso


Project Info

  • Created By Hansel Reynoso
  • Professor Gusteau Duclos
  • Date 09/01/2023
  • Technologies Used IOT, Adruino

Project Description

During my recent studies, I embarked on an in-depth exploration into the world of digital devices, specifically focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). My project, titled "IoT Traffic Controller", delved into the intricacies of system integration, from the fundamental electronic components to a complete, holistic system. The centerpiece of this endeavor was the ESP32 microcontroller, accompanied by various elements such as LEDs, motion sensors, and an LCD I2C display. The project's essence was a simulated traffic signal controller system that interacted seamlessly with sensors and the cloud. Using the Arduino IDE, I meticulously coded and calibrated the ESP32 to interpret and act upon signals, such as initiating a “walk” countdown upon pressing a crosswalk button. Challenges like ensuring correct polarity and understanding component interconnections were met head-on, enhancing my practical knowledge. Ultimately, this course not only enriched my understanding of digital devices but also equipped me with invaluable career skills ranging from IoT hardware knowledge to heightened security awareness.